Vox AC30 With Stand

The Vox AC30 is a truly classic staple of the “British” tube amp sound, with Class A circuitry, famous for it’s chimey cleans with a more “three-dimensional” sound than their American counterparts (Fenders) and a more sparkly top end than their higher gain cousins (Marshalls). 

The Custom Classic takes the features that guitarists have come to love about the vintage amplifiers and takes them into modern territory with a host of new features. One of the most beloved and recognizable features of the original AC30 is it’s “Top Boost” feature, which introduces more top end sparkle to the signal while also driving that preamps harder, allowing you to use it as an overdrive channel. The Custom Classic lets you combine the normal and Top Boost channels. There are also biasing options that allow you to run the amplifier at 22 watts, 30 watts, or at 50 “hot” which, combined with the Top Boost gives you classic overdriven British tones, not unlike that of a Marshall! 

All these new options combined with reverb and tremolo effects makes the Custom Classic the most versatile AC30 ever made! Comes with a foot switch!


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