Vintage Traynor YGM Guitar Amp c.1970s

Being that this was my first time plugging into a Traynor Guitar Mate Reverb, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. What I was greeted with was some of the finest, wooliest, woodiest, most organic sounding guitar tone ever! This YGM may be in competition for the title of “Perfect Guitar Amp”. Utilizing a pair EL-84 power tubes to push 20 watts through a 1×12 speaker, it has plenty of power for most gigs. It has a larger cabinet for a bigger overall tone. That big cabinet doesn’t come with the drawback of heavier weight as this amp still remains a fairly light and portable “grab-N-go” amp. The reverb is deep and splashy, giving Fender reverb a run for its money. The tremolo is lush, hypnotic and extremely musical. And, most importantly, with the volume knob juiced, the amp does a pretty darn convincing Bluesbreaker impression. This particular YGM is in good overall condition showing some light scratching, scuffing and chipping to the tolex. There’s a run in the grill cloth and the grill logo is missing. The knobs have been changed, but, in my opinion, look super cool and give the amp a Dumble-like appearance. This amp may be one of the last true vintage “sleepers” left in the marketplace.


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