Vintage Teisco Del Ray TG-64 1960s with OHSC "Sunburst" MIJ

This vintage Teisco TG-64 is a mojo-laden, nitrous injected retro rocket! Made in Japan in the 1960’s, this TG-64 boasts an offset cutaway Jazzmaster style body with a monkey grip (And you though Steve Vai invented it, ha!) and a thick, super soft “V” shaped neck profile. The finish on the body shows some moderate wear. There’s a fairly large gouge on the rear (see photo). There are some various assorted small dings and impressions but, overall, the guitar has a nice, organic feel and vibe. Total weight comes in at a portly 9 lb. 4 oz. This Teisco has been recently setup and plays great with a buttery, low action. The small, vintage frets help impart a fast, super slinky feel. For as well built is this guitar is, the pickups are the real stars of the show here, IMO. This guitar has a thick, powerful sound. It’s a fat and loud yet cutting tone that’s great for chunky, crunchy hard rock rhythm. Think vintage Malcolm Young and AC/DC. Overdriven, the tone is expressive and vocal with a cool “saxophone” tone. If you’re looking for something unique to help you with your signature tone, look no further!


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