Stringfellow S 87 by William Cumpiano 12 String 1979

What a great guitar! This awesome player was handbuilt in 1979 by William Cumpiano in North Adams, Massachusetts. It’s got a spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and a nice full, clear sound. It also plays great with an easy, soft touch. William Cumpiano is a master luthier, now in Northampton, MA who’s been building for nearly 50 years. This guitar is just the right weight at 5.75 pounds. It’s full and punchy but still keeps its character and you can really hear the sound of all the strings. This guitar has the added benefit of being one of the first ones made by Mr. Cumpiano. It has the benefit of being both a collectors item, a high quality handmade guitar and just a great player.


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