Manny's Orpheum Germanium Fuzz Pedal 1968

Holy guacamole is this thing expansive. This Manny’s fuzz is the same circuit as both the Orpheum Fuzz and the Clark Fuzz but was branded for Manny’s Music in Manhattan in the late ’60’s. The one we’ve got here was purchased on April 19th, 1968 by the original owner before going to see the Mother’s of Invention later that night. It features tones that run the gamut, ranging from lean and sputtery to mean and buttery. It should be noted that vintage fuzz boxes with germanium transistors vary greatly unit to unit, so opinions on them vary as much as the germanium does. This one is particularly quiet for it’s era, but it’s most definitely equipped to sonically rip a phone book in half if you put it to the task! The pedal was recently serviced and after the power switch on the rear of the pedal was replaced, it was given a good bill of health.


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