Mako Super Strat by Samick

Shred-O-Rama continues here at the Birdhouse! In keeping with the recent trend of shred guitars and metal machines, I present to you the Mako Super Strat! In spite of all the major brand shred machines that we’ve had come through here recently, this guitar may well be my favorite. Manufactured in Korea by Samick, this example has a nice, aged resonance to it’s acoustic tone. It’s full and round with an emphasis on the mid to lower mid frequencies. Electrified, it has a sweet and syrup-y tone. Tonally, it’s a little more in the blues-rock camp than straight forward metal. Additionally, the coil tap allows you to get some nice, convincing vintage Strat tones. Next, the neck has a great comfy profile. It’s a “C” profile that has a fast taper from slim to medium in thickness and plays with a low, light string action. For it’s age, it’s in pretty good condition. There’s some minor dings, impressions and light finish wear and surface scratches. The frets show only light wear and have a low profile to increase speed and fluidity. Total weight comes in at a solid 7 lbs. 14 ozs. This guitar is one pickup upgrade away from being a top notch gigging axe and even that’s splitting hairs!


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