Korg Konnect Portable Stereo PA System with Bluetooth

The Korg konnect is loaded with useful features. A four-channel mixer provides plenty of inputs for your mics, instruments, and media players. Five different voice types tailor your sound to a variety of applications. The Center Cancel button removes the vocals from your music collection to create karaoke tracks. Bluetooth connectivity supplies both audio streaming from your smart device and remote operation via Korg’s free konnect app. This app is seriously cool, since it lets you access a number of great presets, plus EQ settings, master reverb, channel compression, and effects settings. And everything will sound great, even in less-than-ideal venues, thanks to onboard feedback suppression. The konnect is ideal for soloists, small ensembles, presentations, and more. It also doubles as a quality Bluetooth speaker for gatherings and personal listening.


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