Guyatone EB-9

The Guyatone EB9 is an eye-catching rarity from Japan. Guyatone introduces this unique body shape in 1967 and has been producing them in some form ever since. The Japanese instrumental surf band Sharp 5 popularized model, and signature artists versions with their branding have also been produced.

This particular model has star shaped inlays, and a combination of a single coil pickup in neck position and a humbucker in bridge position. A rotary switch controls the pickup configuration and you have a standard volume and tone knob layout. This is seriously one of the coolest body shapes on a bass I’ve ever seen, and it really is comfortable to play unlike many of the more far out designs. It’s bit like the coveted Yamaha Flying Samurai and Flying Banana basses in both sound and shape.

Includes a hardshell case!


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