G&L ASAT Special USA Tele

Here we’ve got a G&L ASAT special. From what I can tell it was made around 1996, though a bit hard to identify. This particular guitar has a signature on it from Rodney Crowell. Pretty cool, though you could probably rub it off if you just want the guitar.

The ASAT special features two jumbo MFD pickups that are “similar to traditional P90’s, but with a little more bite”. Pictured w/ patent #.

This is the more sought after 3-bolt neck design. Serial number on the neck bolt plate.

Tiny nick in the front of the body finish. Pictured.

Super lightweight ash body!

Really cool piece. Plays smooth, sounds great! The ASAT is Leo Fender’s final take on a solid body.

Original G&L case included!

Just for fun, an article Reverb did on Rodney Crowell:


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