Gibson L-1 c.1920's “The Gibson” Archtop

This Gibson L-1 is the six stringed equivalent of a finely aged scotch, crisp and strong, with a smoky flavor and a vintage flair. Not many of these L-1s have survived in such great condition, making this arch top a rare gem. The L-1 features a mahogany back and sides, and an exceptionally resonant carved spruce top. This baby sounds unbelievable – crispy, clear, vintage chime, bright, full bodied, and satisfying. And the volume on this baby is absurd – it’s a beautiful example of the guitars of a bygone era – as long as you can handle a chunky neck. This L1 was crafted during a period when guitars were frequently fitted with non-adjustable iron neck supports, and as such it does not have an adjustable truss rod. The original tailpiece indicates 1924 to 1926. There is a slight bow in the top, common for this age of instrument and sturdy enough to cause no concern. The original tailpiece (included in case) was cracked, so we’ve had our in house Luthier fashion a wood replacement. A transducer pickup was installed along the way, and sounds incredible. This guitar is in excellent condition for a guitar of this vintage, though it does bear some scratches dings, and a few minor repairs. If you’ve never played a guitar nearing 100 years of age, do yourself a favor and check out this L1.


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