Epiphone Jack Cassidy Bass

The Les Paul Bass was only manufactured for about ten years from 1969 to 1979. During the last six years of this run, they introduced a hollowbody variant called the Les Paul Signature that bassist Jack Casady of Jefferson Airplane was particularly fond of. The semi-hollow design had a little less bottom than your typical solid body bass, but he found the added resonance to be a worthy tradeoff. Years later, Jack contacted Epiphone to build “the perfect bass,” based on his old Les Paul Signature. Finding the original pickup “deficient,” he replaced it with a customized low-impedance humbucker. Jack Casady considers this “the perfect bass,” and it certainly is a contender for the best designed semi-hollow I’ve ever played, with a warmth and punchiness that is completely unlike the pluckiness of a Hofner. The larger body is marvelously resonant, and the unique Varitone 3-way selector changes the impedance of the pickup from 50 up to 500 ohms, giving you serious flexibility on the spectrum from clear and open to grittier and thicker.
Discontinued in recent years, the Epiphone Jack Casady is the closest you’ll ever get to a Les Paul Signature bass without forking over thousands!


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