Dean Z Signature Strat with mirror pickguard

We brought a time machine to our guitar shop just for you, and look what we brought back! This Dean Z fat Strat is a shiny rocker from the 80s, ready to rock the f**k out in classic metal fashion, complete with a bright white neck, sleek Candy Apple Red finish, and mirror pickguard to reflect the crowd’s raucous energy right back at them. This Dean Z fat strat features a bridge humbucker, and two single coil pickups a la the famous Fat Strat configuration, and a moderate C profile neck that fits the hand nicely for shredding and otherwise melting the audience’ faces. This one bears some wear and tear from years on the front lines, but is in great condition and set up beautifully by our in house luthier.

Tone is crunchy, dynamic, and versatile. Think Stratocaster, but more METAL. The bridge pup in particular sounds FAT with a crunch tone, chugging rhythms and screaming leads. The neck pickup is smooth and even when distorted, crisp and clear when clean, and the middle position fills in the tonal difference with a voice all its own. Of course positions 2 and 4 give that quacky flavor Strats are famous for. Overall this is one powerful lil rock machine.

If you’ve got the character, this guitar will reflect that right through the pick guard and into the airwaves with style. Pick this bad axe up and open up the floodgates to the underworld.


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