Blackstar LT-ECHO 15 15W 2x3 Guitar Combo Amplifier

Brand new! Birdhouse Music is now an authorized Blackstar dealer!

The Blackstar LT-ECHO 15 15W 2×3 combo is a two-channel practice amp targeted at guitarists who are just starting out, but want great tone. With simple controls, built-in digital delay, a headphone output for silent practice, an aux. input for music playback or jamming along to your favorite tunes—this little combo is a great way to refine your playing without breaking the bank.


  • Power: 10W
  • Two channels: Clean, Overdrive
  • Speakers: 2×3
  • Controls: Patented Infinite Shape Feature
  • Digital “Tape” Delay FX
  • MP3/Line in
  • Emulated Line out for silent practice or recording


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